Monday, March 15, 2010

Poor old Gordon - not

I can imagine Gordon Brown at this moment is sitting locked in the loo somewhere in 10 Downing Street, biting his nails to the quick and squirming with embarassment in having made another gaffe.

As his party desperately try to say that the industrial dispute at BA isn't political, we hear that Unite, the union involved are the major bankroller of the coming General Election.

That is the election that Mr Brown has not yet announced and which the country awaits. Today he has also said that unless there is a clear majority against him (seats or votes is not clear) he intends to sit tight and not give up his position as our leader. One can imagine her Majesty screaming at the radio "Orf with his head" at the mere idea of not doing the decent thing and walking.

Face it Gordon, unless the country gives Labour a clear working majority, the position of PM that you pestered and harassed Tony Blair to get is not morally yours. I can see that there might well be a hung Parliament after the election, but a Labour majority? Surely, surely NO-ONE in the UK could be so stupid as to hand it to them. Vote Liberal for preference, Green, just not Labour.

It's such a pity that we no longer have the Monster Raving Loony Party any more. This has to be one election that they could win. Better still if we had a box on the polling form where we could vote for proportional representation along with the name of the party or candidate we support.

Please Gordon, get out of that toilet, flush away your doubts and tell us tomorrow when we may go and vote this Government into obscurity.