Monday, September 17, 2007

Who and why

I'm Jenny, a 56 year old British female, currently separated from my second husband and unemployed। That is as far as the Gov. is concerned. I don't count buying and selling collectables on ebay, at auctions and car boot sales to be 'work' - it's a hobby, sometimes profitable. My real love is anything Art Deco, but I'm always on the hunt for bargains to re-sell.

I get angry on a daily basis, about things I hear on the radio, see on TV and read in the media, on and offline. I get angry with people who drive badly causing danger for others and are inconsiderate in other ways. I get angry with the way the UK Government are inching daily towards a bullying, overbearing, dictatorial totalitarian state - get my drift?

I hope you will visit often and share my frustrations with daily life in the UK and perhaps empathise or agree with me that some of it at least indicates a decline in the values and standards that formerly made Britain a great country and a good working democracy.

Rant for today, Monday 17th September follows shortly!