Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Murphy says 'Lights Out'

Murphy's First Law says that if something can go wrong it will.

Murphy's Second Law says that if something can go wrong, it will, and in the most inconvenient way possible.

I was enjoying a cosy evening in, nice dinner, glass of wine and thought I would have a bath and use my Babyliss jacuzzi mat for some nice relaxation before bed.

It had snowed intermittently all day, but when I looked out mid-evening, it was dry and frosty. I set up the bathroom with a scented candle, poured a second glass of wine, ran the bath, added book and magazines, set up the jacuzzi mat, got into dressing gown, all ready to go. I turned off the bathroom lights to see if I needed a second candle for extra light. I did, so I turned the lights back on. The bathroom lights consist of one ceiling light and a rack with two spotlights on it.

Crack! As I turned the lights back on, one of the spots went. This might have been OK, and no worry, but it also flipped the fuse for the entire upstairs lighting ring.

Now, the fuse box is in the garage. I was definitely NOT going outside in freezing temperatures in just a dressing gown. Muttering furiously, I put on tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt, fleece and warm socks and back downstairs. I found the right keys went outside and unlocked garage.

If the upstairs lighting has ever fused before, it has done so in daylight and I never noticed that George the Bodger who owned the house before me had wired the garage lights into the upstairs lighting ring - huh?? I hadn't taken a torch out with me because I didn't expect to need it, so had to go back indoors and get one before re-setting the fuse and locking up again.

My fingers were going blue by the time I was back indoors and I remembered Mum's warnings about chilblains.
It was snowing again - well, naturally it was, not quite whiteout conditions, but enough to cover over my footprints in the couple of minutes between the two trips to the garage.

Next thing was to go looking for a replacement spot bulb. In the UK, we have multiple types of bulb fittings. Of course, I had every size and type of spot for the rest of the house, but not the size and fitting I needed. Well of course not!

I did eventually get my bubbly bath, but I was so cross and wound up, it just wasn't so enjoyable or relaxing.

Murphy, I hope you get to live in interesting times.


Emm said...

Oh I did that the other morning. I was sooo clever, I thought I would deal with it when got home and it never occurred to me it would be dark when I got home and I wouldn't be able to see!!! Murphy indeed but sometimes I am my own worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

Hey jennysue19---tried to PM you over at...ah..."Red Square" (nudge nudge) and it wouldn't go. I absolutely understand why you would have shut that off, but I have no other contact for you. I did include an e-mail addy in an earlier PM, could you e-mail me please? I'm hoping we can collaborate on something.

Hey wait---these comments are moderated, right? I just didn't want the forum handle/blog poster name posted here. Gosh, I hope you know who this is, LOL! Think wedding cake decoration and cats....

Jenny Fletcher said...

Anonymous, I thought I knew who you were, but not absolutely sure. I am still going thru forum posts

The Stasi in the 'other place' have slapped me with another ban - this time for two weeks.

The batsrads just can't take criticism on the chin and deal with it. Watch for another post here with the essential wording of the post they also removed when banning me.

I can't even get into my own forum profile to be able to PM you.

Fortunately I CAN still update my blog over there and have added a contact page, so you could use that - many thanks for your comment, will delete it and this one when we finally make contact.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jenny!
You and I had swapped a couple of PMs on Red Square's forums system quite recently.

You commented on a blog post I made that detailed parting out a turkey, and I've an email addy for you from that comment. I'll contact you with that, okay? Watch for email from myblogosphere@ in the next little while.

Glad I checked back here; was beginning to worry that you'd fallen ill or something!