Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dances with Toilet Rolls

I have had one of the nicest Saturdays in quite a while, I've laughed and smiled a lot and I haven't cried, although I came close to crying laughing.

I work at home, and it is a matter of self-discipline on weekdays to shower and dress before I start work seriously. I find I get more done and in a more organised way, despite the temptation to slob about in pyjamas for half the morning.

On Saturdays, and Sundays, however, I allow myself a little more relaxation especially in the winter when there is no sailing and I can turn up at the club at midday or later for a spot of lunch, a glass of wine and a chat with friends, which was how today went.

I thought I had done all the shopping on Friday, but realised with some annoyance that there were a couple of things I had forgotten, so had to go to Havant after my lunch break at Langstone. I decided to go to Caffe Nero for a latte and a pastry first - quite a lot of my blogs and articles are born there, as notes in my purple notebook.

Actual shopping began at the discount store Wilkinsons for the toilet rolls as I knew they had a special offer, from a trip earlier in the week. At the till, I refused a carrier bag and carried the multi-pack across the road to Waitrose. I love them for food shopping, but their household stuff can be pricey. Later, putting my purchases in the car, the top of the toilet roll pack ripped a little and one of the rolls fell out.

On the way home, I had to make a sharpish turn into the road to avoid a car coming out. I heard something fall off the back seat. On the driveway, opened the car door and most of the rolls fell on my feet, some rolled under the car, others across the drive and one or two escaped onto the footpath. Fortunately by then it was getting dark.

On another day, when I was less happy, I might have howled with anger and frustration, but today I saw the funny side. Giggling hysterically I pursued my escapees and rounded them up without being observed. It was dry, on the driveway at least, and only one was slightly damp that was on the edge of the lawn. I thought I had lost one altogether, but found it under the evergreen hedge in a pile of dead leaves from the overhanging oak tree.

By now, my 'personal assistant' Bailey, was assisting, by sitting on the doorstep, shouting for his tea and superciliously supervising my pathetic efforts to control my shopping.

The evening has been peaceful and productive, getting the traffic going to my
new blog, watching some favourite TV - see previous post - and having a nice dinner. I kept off the alcohol too. So, here I am, still thinking amused about my dance with the loo rolls and ready for a little read before sleep. Goodnight dear readers!