Wednesday, January 14, 2009

B*** blogger

I have just spent the last 25 minutes creating a new post about sharp practices in the UK travel industry.

I finished, hit the publish button and instead of publishing, I got an error - and when I went back to my post, the box was empty.

Normally I write in MS Word first, then spend a frustrating amount of time, removing bits of unwanted formatting so my paragraph breaks are where I want them to be.

This time, I did it 'off the cuff' . Of course I'll rewrite it all tomorrow, but that DOESN'T help my frustration and anger now.

I just cut and pasted this little rant into Notepad - just in case it happens all over again.


Jen said...

That has happened to me a time or two. I still write off the cuff because of the formatting needed after which is a pain. Sometimes I have been lucky and hit the back button and found it but usually not. Sorry for your frustration.

Emm said...

I use Windows Live Writer and would heartily recommend it. It has all sorts of plug-ins you can use too to make your blog posts look pretty.

It is easy to switch between blogs and easy to recall blogs too so that you can edit them.

Destress Yourself said...

lovely rant, always relieves stress doesn't it? i never copy and paste just because it is a pain with blogger. i have been lucky so far and have not lost anything.