Monday, October 06, 2008

Angry with life and death

It's been a sad weekend. A friend who has been suffering from cancer passed away suddenly after an infection caused heart failure. Why her, I thought and not me. I'm not a mother or a grandmother or even a wife now. (I'm separated).

But after a day or two of weeping for her loss, and her family's sadness, I realise that what I am REALLY angry about is that there is no definite cure. She had chemo and radiotherapy in her 3 cancer episodes, but although it gave her more time with her family and friends, it was not a permanent cure.

So what I am asking my readers to do is this. I'm going to be adding some links on this blog to some places where you can help by giving to research to FIND that cure and preventatives and for some of you, perhaps even to share your own story.

For Dee and her family, please help. Thanks.