Monday, October 27, 2008

Who cares what they wear?

I was having a really nice afternoon. I had a mystery shop to do in Chichester, my favourite retail therapy location and having completed it, realised I had enough loyalty points on my Caffe Nero card for a freebie latte. I picked up the only newspaper left in the rack - the Independent sports and lifestyle supplements and settled down to half an hour of happy relaxation. My pleasure lasted all of 5 minutes.

Carola Long writes style and fashion articles for the Independent but has absolutely no idea of priorities when considering who the American electorate should choose on November 4th.

Hilary Clinton recently chose an appropriately autumn-coloured trouser suit for one engagement, but this was dismissed as looking like 'prison overalls'. I did agree with Carola on the subject of Michelle Obama's purple dress which got a thumbs up, but still don't see the relevance of the article at all.

What was really weird was the comments about Barack Obama wearing a vest under his shirt (I think they call them 'singlets' over there). I looked at the photo from all angles, but couldn't see that it was showing. In accordance with media practice of 'improving' celebrities whether they need it or not, I expect it was airbrushed out. Ms Long thinks that a man that shows his singlet through his shirt is somehow identifying with the working class. I think it just LOOKS horrible, especially if the singlet happens to be a string one.

However, had I been watching this item on TV, or even been at the event, I would have been too busy listening to what he was saying to notice.

Sarah Palin's polar bear brooch is decidedly at odds with her wildlife-murdering sporting preferences, and her wish to pollute what remains of the Arctic with oil exploration, but what worries me more than that, or John McCain's choice of tie, is why he ever chose her as vice-presidential candidate. The latter is decidedly more indicative of a lack of accurate judgement.

Mr Obama can turn up to accept his election to the White House in a Batman outfit for all I care. I know that the world will be a safer place with him in the Oval Office.