Friday, October 24, 2008

UK Government robs rescue charities

As a small boat sailor for most of my life, I have had occasions to be grateful to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and also local Solent voluntary rescue services. I have friends who serve currently in local lifeboat teams, raise funds, and others who have been lifeboat crew in the past.

When an email arrived from the Sailing Secretary of my sailing club this week I was shocked that the Government should be trying to grab back some of the funds that people all over Britain help to raise for these charities and voluntary services.

The proposal is to make them pay for the radio licences without which they simply could not operate.

Mike's email contained a link to an e-petition to the UK Government
here - only UK citizens can sign and I hope that you will, or if you have UK friends who would be interested, please pass my blog link on to them.

Proposing to rob charities who do this dangerous and valuable work in such an underhand way has to be about the most despicable action yet to emerge from 10 Downing Street this year. Gordon Brown, what were you thinking!