Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Auntie Beeb has a bad week

Messrs. Ross and Brand have upset a lot of people and rightfully so, with their silly prank on Andrew Sachs' answering machine, but nevertheless I don't want their heads on a plate.

I like Jonathan Ross but Russell Brand's humour has often caused me to switch channels - but this is me - Brand is hugely popular with thousands of listeners and viewers.

My first thought was that they should be removed from the BBC, but then I remembered a scene from the film Good Morning Vietnam and considered how what is and isn't funny is a personal and generational reaction.

In the scene, Robin Williams' character Adrian Cronauer is called to account for his 'unacceptable' style of comedy. The character, station censor Lt. Hauk who issues the reprimand, is shown up as being totally out of touch and boring, and more to the point, thinks his opinion matters more than the listeners.

Ross and Brand have been left in no doubt that what they said and did has offended and upset Andrew Sachs and his grand-daughter Georgina Bailie and thousands of BBC listeners. So, now, enough. Let's not give them more publicity than they deserve and let the matter die. I'm happy that the BBC has done what it should do and my opinion is to take it further and to sack them would be a form of censorship.

Meanwhile another BBC radio programme has managed to irritate me this morning. Whether my readers think I should or should not bet on horses is of no interest to me whatever. The amounts involved are tiny and it's just a bit of fun.

I quite often follow the advice of the tips on the BBC Radio 4 programme 'Today'. This morning I missed the tips in the 30 seconds it took to walk downstairs and switch on the kitchen radio while I made my morning tea.

I looked hopefully on the programme website and was disappointed not to find the info there. So, it's all down to feminine intuition and I'll postscript here how I get on without the BBC's advice. I've emailed 'Today' about their omission and I hope they will take notice!

FYI, I use Betfair and usually go for place betting - more of my secrets, I am not yet prepared to reveal....


Mr Ross has apologised, Mr Brand has resigned and also made an apology. Both were earlier suspended by the BBC.

Doubtless Russell Brand will be snapped up by a commercial TV channel pronto. His fans won't be deprived for long.

One of my racing selections was placed, the other wasn't, I ended the day exactly 60p up. In these straightened days, even that little bit is nice - a pint of milk for me and the cat to share. I'm up on the week by approximately the cost of a bottle of wine which will help finance this evening's outing to a pub quiz. See, I'm not expensive to keep!